Equipment you REALLY need for Homework When Your Child First Starts School

Equipment you REALLY need for Homework When Your Child First Starts School

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If you’ve spent any time on Pinterest looking at Kid’s Rooms, the “Homework Station” comes up. They are all beautifully decorated with all the equipment that your child could ever need. But in reality, they are over the top, especially in the first few years of school. Here’s our guide to what you REALLY need for homework to help and support your child in the first few years at school.

mother helping her kids with the homework

What you really need for Homework when your child starts school!

Ignore those beautiful desks and pristine rooms and welcome to reality. This is what will help your child with homework more than anything else that we’ve found out there so far.

Forget the desk!

First, where you do your homework is not going to be a desk. For these first few years, your child will likely need your support to complete their homework. From checking that they have followed the instructions and spellings, to (in some cases) that they haven’t been staring into space for the last 10 minutes, accomplishing nothing at all.

So the best place to do homework is near to where you are. In our house, this has always been at the kitchen table. I have been able to sit with them whilst they worked and as they have got older they sit and do the homework whilst I cook.

If you don’t have a kitchen table, then anywhere that you and your child can sit together upright with a solid surface to lean on when they have to write or draw. It promotes better writing and will be more comfortable for you and them as they get older.

However, if your homework is reading then read ANYWHERE. On the sofa, on the floor, in bed on an evening, standing beside you as you cook dinner, in the garden, at the park, ANYWHERE.

We have included links to the equipment we use with our own kids. If you purchase through these links, we may earn a small commission.

Equipment you need

Forget the fancy stationery you really only need some basic equipment.

Often schools will set “PROJECT” homework especially over the holidays. So this second list is not essential for every day but can be useful.


Books which are handy to have and will help your child in school and with homework

Although you don’t need to get a huge range of books for your children, there are a few that are very helpful and will support them throughout the first few years.

That’s it!

Have fun with the homework, get your kids into good habits early on.

Even if you as a parent don’t like or enjoy the homework or don’t agree with it, don’t let it show. It’s better to get your child happy to complete it and get it out of the way as it forms a good habit for later on in their school years and will prevent conflict in school and at home!

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