Simple hands-on Activities to work on Phase 2 Phonics at Home

Phase 2: Week 6 – Learning to Read Revision

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Well didn’t that go quickly? Week 6 and we’ve reached the end of our phase 2 phonics journey. This week we are recapping the sounds to help secure this phase in various ways before moving on to phase 3.

Week 6 - complete phase 2 phonics practice-1

Please remember, if your child is learning using Read Write Inc., Jolly Phonics or another reading scheme, you can still use our activities and resources to support their learning, the order your child learns them might vary slightly. Take a look at Learn to Read with Phonics to find out more.

What are we reviewing this week?

Phase 2 has seen us learn LOTS of new phonemes (sounds), graphemes (letters), HFW words and tricky words…

Letters and sounds: S,A,T,P,I,N,M,D,G,O,C,K,CK,E,U,R,H,B,F,FF,L,LL and SS!

HFW: at, a, it, is, an, in, dad, and, got, on, not, can, get, up, mum, had, him, his, but, big, back, of, if, off

Tricky Words: the, to, no, go, I


Your child will need to learn the letter names like you say them when saying the alphabet (A, B, C) as well as the letter sounds. This is the same for the digraphs (2 letter sounds) for example ‘S and S’ make the ‘ss’ sound.

They will likely be presented with both the UPPERCASE (capitals) and lowercase (not capitals). When writing, they may focus on the lowercase formation, to begin with.

What can we do to recap Phase 2?

Which of our activities are you still to try? Even better, share your experiences through words, photos or videos on our Facebook Page.

Georgie’s Gym

Sensory alphabet with glitter letters

flip book words-6

Flip word cards

DIY sensory pipecleaner letters to support learning to read and write for early years and foundation stage

Sensory alphabet letters with pipe cleaners

DIY Sliding Word Cards to help your child learn to read by blending letter sounds together

Sliding word cards

pipecleaner letter sensory cards-2

Sensory alphabet cards with pipe cleaners

pegs and popsicle stick word building activity for learning to read.

Build the word with peg and popsicle sticks

sequin letters for sensory writing and letter recognition

Sensory alphabet sequin letters

pull stamping letters-1

Build the word: stamping plasticine

Sensory alphabet with salt letters

Sensory alphabet with tissue paper letters


Building words with digraphs and trigraphs as your child learns to read more and more complex words

Build the word with Mega Bloks

Sound mat games

Sensory alphabet letters with pompoms

If you haven’t already, try building a sentence to read or arrange using Mega Bloks.

What words can I create?

Mix all of our phase 2 letters together to help your child to keep practising and you can create a wider range of words. For ideas on the words you can create with the letters we’ve learned so far, please look at our word lists.

Don’t forget, learning to read is not only about reading words. It’s vital for your child to interpret emotions, images and so on as it helps them to infer and to understand context or reasoning. This is why your child might bring home a book with no or very few no words in. If you are finding it hard to make this a meaningful, fun ‘reading’ experience, find out How to Read Wordless Books with your child or as the teacher may call it Talking Around the Book so that you both feel comfortable reading these books together in this journey you are on.

Move onto Phase 3 Phonics

jvwx activities for phase 3 phonics-1

Move onto the first week of Phase 3 of phonics learning the letters j, v, w and x

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